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December, 10th 2016
Get Up by Wiretree is 2:54 long. Lightweight and high quality, this melody wants to be listened to and admired with it. If you can reproduce the artist name – so you should definitely listen to it ;) Ohkay, it’s a sort of a trick, but it is effective – don’t you think? In fact, a very good song, under which it is possible to dance and to do your daily businesses. Reference: Wiretree Official Bandcamp

Get Up lyrics - Wiretree

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Get Up Song Lyrics

Get up, I know you’ll find a way
head up, look through those clouds of gray
i know, it’s been a long long time
since you, had some peace of mind
time is all you need to make amends
you are all that matters to me in the end
My head is full of all kinds of sound
Its better when you come around
my love is waiting there for me
I hope to see what she can see
Days around my head they start to spin
Only good things Matter in the end
Keep me from falling to the ground
Some things are better when they're found
These days seem to make you spin
They go by, please remember them