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Adult Beginners Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Adult Beginners Tracklist

Adult Beginners album description:

One of those movies that can be viewed on the couch in the evening in good company with a glass or two of beer, since the film only benefits from it. Secondary stars (Joel McHale (starred in The Community TV show) and Jeffrey DeMunn (star of The Walking Dead serial movie)), appearing in movie, pleased you more rather than actors of the main cast. The storyline is simple – the unfortunate broker who lost all his money, a house, and clients' money, moved to 3 months’ living to his sister and her husband, simultaneously trying to arrange something in own life.
Thirteen basic compositions and 3 trailer’s sounding, are typical musical accompaniment to such film about not very much fascinating story of not very interesting person. It is difficult to separate something really well made. Rather, all songs are typical middling in the genre ( No Nostalgia by Ages And Ages or Tennessee by Arrested Development ).
As for genres, in which most of the songs performed – it is rock and somewhere punk rock (Devil Again), clumsy songs, jagged and rough, like the film itself and like its main characters.
Most of the music made in the style of the American 70's and 80's, as if to emphasize the stale time of the small town, which is inhabited by the main characters. It does not change much, nothing happens and everything is quite stable as in the plot of the film.
A few slow songs deserve to be audible again and again, but nothing more to search in this collection, that "goes beyond". Maybe to listen at least once, for the overall development.

December, 10th 2016


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