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November, 18th 2016
Words are strongly stretched by singer with help of powerful back vocals. Clip completely relaxed and filled with beauty of a nature, human and a moment. The song in the pop genre relaxes not only with its route, but also with nice lyrics, which sung in two couplets. If not the support of the piano, the melody might seem flat and uninteresting. So it came alive and universal. Its value can be applied both to life and to our good old Earth. Reference: Dirty Projectors: "Impregnable Question" on Pitchfork

Impregnable Question lyrics - Dirty Projectors

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Impregnable Question Song Lyrics

f there is ever the impregnable question
Of why what did or didn't pass
It would help to seek
Comfort in destiny
But I really don't --
We don't see eye to eye
But I need you
And you're always on my mind
Whether there is or isn't any position
You care if I take or I don't
I will always hope
What we shared so long
To be the only love
And though we don't see eye to eye
I need you
And you're always on my mind
Through time and through many a situation
We both look forward side-by-side
We have shared it all
We have both stood tall
What is mine is yours, in happiness and strife
You're my love
And I want you in my life