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6 Years Soundtrack CD. 6 Years Soundtrack

6 Years lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

November, 18th 2016

6 Years album description:

This is the film about what does it mean to be together and what it includes if you have 6 years of the common life: happiness, envy of some surrounding people, fights, fun, sadness, and, of course, terribly beautiful love. If you truly experience feelings like these, than you will not do the deception, you will obtain all the depth you are able to receive and you will want to give back as twice as much more.
In the film, everything revolves around the relationships of the main characters and the life situations, in which they are got with living. Since the main heroes are young, they have hot blood, and they cannot restrain their strong emotions, and therefore provoke a situation that would not have occurred if they were older for 10–15 years. They break the relationship at the end of the film, despite the fact that they have 6 years of strong and vibrant feelings behind.
The soundtrack for the movie is the same youth sounding like everything happening on the screen with its protagonists. Here you find mixture of rock (by Jacuzzi Boys), psychedelic (Avalanche), trance, electro, pop, lounge and various variations. For example, Drive (Los Angeles) will make you feel good with so much relaxing sound so that under it you better do only one thing – to sleep. The track Reflection Of You (Lovelock remix) echoes to the previous one, having more varieties in the mood. However, sleepiness is still the main theme.
In principle, the nature of the collection can be described in two words: British pop + trance in different modes. If you are young and you have hot blood, and if you are willing to easily destroy everything that was built for so long, just like the main characters of this film did, then this musical score will be the best for your intentions.

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