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I Speak Six Languages lyrics

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I Speak Six Languages Song Lyrics

MS. PERETTI (spoken)
Miss Park speaks five languages.
MARCY (spoken)
No I don’t.
MS. PERETTI (spoken)
Don’t you?
MARCY (spoken)
(sung) I Speak Six Languages
MS. PERETTI (spoken)
Oh, six.
Every language easy
Easy as the recipe for making Jell-O
I Speak Six Languages
And I can say hello
In at least seven more
MS. PERETTI (spoken)
She’s also a champion rugby player.
To excel in athletics is not difficult if one has the temperament
I have the temperament
Yes I score some goals
So unfazed am I
As my life Unscrolls
Unamazed am I
I don’t like to brag
And I won’t ‘cause I don’t have to
I Speak Six Languages
All-American in hockey
And anything I do
I do without getting sore
I Speak Six Languages
And I like the theme from Rocky
Though I play Mozart more
I achieve my goals (Aaaaah)
So unfazed am I
As my life unscrolls (Aaaaah)
Unamazed am I
Winning is a job (Winning is a job)
And I get no real enjoyment (And she gets no real enjoyment)
Je peux parler six langues [Aaaaah]
Carda idio maes simple [Oooooh]
Jerro oh yo no reshipe no yesashesades [Sashades]
Ja gavaru shetz yatzukim [Yatzukim]
V'ani yodat shalom [Yodat shalom]
Im noch mindesterns sieben mehr
I Speak Six Languages
I am sick and tired
Of always being the best
And the brightest
At every mass
Six lousy languages
And for my height I’m the lightest
Of the girls in my class
She knows six languages
MARCY (spoken) [GIRLS] (sung)
That’s 1[She knows], 2[She knows],
3[She knows], 4[She knows], 5[She knows]
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