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Yours, Yours, Yours


Yours, Yours, Yours Lyrics

Yours, Yours, Yours Song Lyrics

I live like a nun in a cloister
Solitary, celibate, I hate it

I live like a monk in an abbey
Ditto, ditto, I hate it

Write to me with sentimental effusion
Let me revel in romantic illusion

Do you still smell of vanilla and spring air?
And is my favorite lover's pillar still firm and fair?

What was there, John, still is there, John
Come soon as you can to my cloister
I've forgotten the feel of your hand

Madam we shall walk in Cupid's Grove together

And we'll fondly survey
That promised land

Till then, till then
I am as I ever was and ever was
And ever shall be
Yours, yours, yours, yours, yours

Saltpeter, John