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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Lucy album description:

The film "Lucy" is very amusing spectacle for those who have the ability to admire the achievements of the human mind and is able to watch movies, not just for some picture where everything blows up (such as The Transformers), but also for the intellectual component.
Of course, usage of 10% of our brain is rather exaggerated understanding. A man uses his mind, of course, at 100%. At the same time, about 10% are allocated to us for thought processes, including memorizing, abstract thinking, dreams, planning, self-consciousness, speaking, analytic… That is what we call "mind" and "character". The remaining 90% are used for maintenance of our body, for all the processes of life – metabolism, functioning of organs, hair growth, and hundreds of other cellular processes that every second keeps our bodies undead.
So, the film once again speculate what would have happened if a person used instead of 10%, for example, 90% for the "mind" and "consciousness". The main character receives a help of a drug that speeds up the metabolic processes in the body and makes her "smarter", comparable with the pace of development of artificial intelligence (which, as you know, a hundred times exponentially growing faster than we do).
Luxurious storyline, intricate ending and phenomenal acting of Scarlett Johansson made a movie’s box office of USD 459 million vs. 40 mil for production.
All on-screen action is accompanied by a good music. In Dancing In Nowhere only clip is interesting, and in Streets Of Canton, on the contrary, only the melody. Single Barrel (Sling the Decks) is perfect for dancing. Éric Serra wrote music – dude who did it for the Fifth Element. Only The Crystal Method more or less famous in the collection.

February, 10th 2017


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