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Lucky Them Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Lucky Them album description:

After a disastrous start at the box office (the film grossed USD 7 kilo during the premiere week), it was decided to release it on DVD. The plot is completely gray. So inexpressive, that even the trailer cannot tell anything interesting. Man breaking up with woman, and 10 years later her boss forced her to interview him (he became some kind of singer, and she is some kind of journalist). And, in case of failure of such a simple task, he would fire her. And she falls in love with a man again, and they are willing to give a second chance to each other. Blah blah. Boring boredom!
Music. Perhaps this is something on what a significant part of the budget was spent. Here we have about 2 dozen melodies and almost all of them are great! The mood created – super, unforgettable! Country, rock, pop. At first glance, quite diverse company. But they have a thing in common – desire to give the listener a sound that will melt and win him or her. So after they would go (or run) to purchase a DVD with this film, to listen to them all there. Or simply download them all from iTunes.
Make It Good To Me is blues and Muscle For The Wing is country music. The only big star in the collection is Bryan Adams. Others are not widely famous. But singing mostly remarkable – it does not need to be labeled as "superstar" for it. For example, The Maldives done so gorgeous voice song (Muscle For The Wing), that it just cures our hearts when listening to it. Oh, how lovely! If previous days the disks (or VCRs) with your favorite songs were put on the shelf where they gathered dust in anticipation of new companions, now especially loved music requires a little bit of space on your hard drive after they are downloaded. Free this space and you'll love it, no doubts on that!

February, 14th 2017


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