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Little Wing Album Cover

Little Wing Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2024

Little Wing Tracklist

Little Wing album description:

Introducing "Little Wing"
Set in the year 2024 within the heart of America, "Little Wing" tells a captivating story as a drama about growing up. Dean Israelite takes the director's chair, with John Gatins providing the screenplay. The cast features Brooklynn Prince, Che Tafari, Kelly Reilly, and Brian Cox, bringing life to a narrative inspired by an article from Susan Orlean. This tale finds its home on the streaming service Paramount+​.

The Soundtrack's Core
The soundtrack of “Little Wing” is the brainchild of Anne Nikitin, known for her contributions to several notable projects. Her musical genius creates a soundscape that reflects the emotional depth of the film and the journey of its characters. Released through Lakeshore Records, the official soundtrack comprises a blend of original compositions and handpicked songs that echo the film’s themes of adversity, friendship, and transformation​​.

Exploring the Music
An array of musical pieces populates the soundtrack. Tracks like "Monsoon" performed by Object as Subject and "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill mirror Kaitlyn's spirit of rebellion. Meanwhile, songs such as "Soudain" by Juniore and "Poison" by Wargirl highlight moments of reflection and revelation. Anne Nikitin’s own pieces like "Perfect" and "Kids Wanna Heist," immerse audiences fully into the movie’s ambiance, skillfully bridging the audio and visual narratives​​​​.

Peering into the Story
The film centers on the young Caitlin McKay, played by Brooklynn Prince, as she deals with her parents’ divorce and the potential loss of their family home. An unexpected venture into pigeon racing, sparked by encountering two remarkable pigeons, throws Caitlin into an adventure filled with theft, dealing with the Russian Pigeon Mafia, and forming an improbable partnership with a pigeon breeder. This odyssey is about more than just retrieving a valuable pigeon—it’s a tale of self-discovery and building unforeseen connections​​.

Critiques and Acclaim
"Little Wing" has been met with varied reviews, but it managed to captivate audiences with its novel concept and the spectacular depiction of pigeons, which critics agree are a treat onscreen. Although some criticized the film's execution, Brian Cox’s role is often cited as a high point in an otherwise inconsistent story​​.

The film and its accompanying soundtrack invite viewers to delve into a narrative of youthful rebellion, the quest for a sense of belonging, and the unanticipated journeys to finding one's spot in the world. With Nikitin’s moving scores and a plot that steps outside traditional narratives of growing up, "Little Wing" opens doors to a realm where obstacles lead to personal development and reconciliation.

March, 22nd 2024

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