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Les Miserables Album Cover

Les Miserables

Soundtrack lyrics for Musical • 1987

Les Miserables Tracklist

Les Miserables album description:

This soundtrack includes over 45 songs, some of which are additional to the main queue. This is not a movie, but a musical, which is the first long-running in the history of London’s West End and the second longest in the history of all times, if to consider out-of-Broadway ones too (if not – it is the #1 longest). There were over 25000 exhibitions all over the world of this histrionics. Les Miserables Cast is the only performer of every song. ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ is one of the best-known performances in its body with very heart-touching lyrics. By the way, there is no such thing as libretto here, there is only a plot, because the English version that is the most well-known to the audience, is a sing-through, and never spoken.

This piece has been staged at 30+ countries and more than 220 cities on the globe. Interesting fact that at the opening, critics considered this piece not worthy at all, but the audience considered otherwise, all the time making the halls tightly filled. This has left critics no other option but to change their thoughts for better.

The story is tearing the heart – we see France in its worst embodiment, where people suffer, starve and die for nothing (this overall gloomy mood is perfectly submitted in a song Dog Eats Dog). Where the person has no basic rights and must gnaw through his path in life just to be with a piece of food and rigid underlay to sleep. A person even asks numerous questions in ‘Who Am I?’, receiving no answer. But characters stay afloat and even try to love with all heart in this extra-cruel world (‘A Heart Full of Love’). That is why it has become so popular amongst the audience and that is why people’s interest to most of CD recordings with inimitably heart-tearing lyrics of almost every song doesn’t cease for decades.

July, 11th 2016

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