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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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Lego Batman album description:

Do you imagine Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn? Or Will Arnett as Batman? Or Zach Galifianakis (OMG) as Joker (OMG again)? No? Shame on you – they all and some other actors voice this new upcoming animated LEGO film named Lego Batman. It’s main auditorium is kids of 2-9 years, so don’t mind that you will meet many flat jokes, absolutely expected twists of the plot and many-many talks just to fill the screen time. As it is LEGO-based universe, everything is so refined, lifeless and excessively vividly animated (when obviously dead, soulless, and motionless items are moved by the computer).
Cutting Crew ’s best oeuvre, ‘(I Just) Died in Your Arms’ is here. One more great song with fantastic lyrics that is heard in the trailer to the film but is not present in the soundtrack somehow is ‘Lacrymosa’ (that translates as maudlin or mawkish) by Evanescence. ‘Invincible’ is fascinating theme with powerful words though not very touchy lyrics – you just know what to expect from it, as it is encouraging and motivating only for children.
Man in the Mirror’ we loved at once as this is the finest cover on Michael Jackson’s thing (it is done by Alex Aiono). The same powerful and thoughtful as the very original, it leaves no doubt in the greatness of Mr. MJ, the King of Pop (even posthumous).
The overall experience is duplicitous – from the one hand, there are nice and thoughtful creations that are worth praising. From the other, too few songs are already present on the Internet to be found and appreciated. So, there is a fusion of premature result and delight.
However, if you are a kid and/or a lover of LEGO universe, you should definitely enjoy this spin-off from the original LEGO movie that has collected almost 0.5 billion dollars with the USD 60 M production budget.

February, 03rd 2017


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