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Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2017

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Leap! album description:

This is a very inspirational story about achieving your dream. In this case, it is an animated film that tells about a dream of a little girl, aged approximately 11-13 years (or close to it). She dreams of being ballerina. This is her huge dream but she originates from a poor family and at all, it turns out, she has been raised in the shelter. One day, she and her friend (a boy) escape from there and start living their own life in another location.
‘Leap!’ is a name for several leaps that they do during the path as the story evolves. The first one is when they fly on the self-made wings of wood from the roof of the shelter and the second one is when a girl is dancing as a ballerina on the main probes and her main dancing coming out. You will find out about the others as you’ll watch the movie.
All music is made in one style – pop. By the way, all songs are loud and inspirational – choose whatever: ‘Be Somebody’ is about becoming a person you want and reaching goals you’ve set for yourself. ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’, as it is obvious from its name, saying in its lyrics about how hard you have to work to achieve. ‘Confident’ is a very loud song by Demi Lovato that literally screams out loud that you have to walk towards your dream no matter what leaving back people that are against or opposed to your upcoming success or dreams. Magical Thinker is represented here twice with lyrics for songs ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ and ‘You Know It's About You’.
The overall impression about the soundtrack: dignified and inspirational entertainment. It is okay it’s not so big in amount (the songs can be counted with fingers of one hand) but sometimes it is good to know that quality is over quantity.

August, 15th 2017


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