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Just Wright Soundtrack CD. Just Wright Soundtrack

4.2/5 (21 vote)

Just Wright lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010

Anything / To Get Your Attention

Van Hunt 


Free & Easy 


Queen Latifah 


Nikki & Rich 

Fly Away

Free & Easy 

Heaven and Earth

Free & Easy 

Hipgh (100)

Karen K Thornton 


Rahsaan Patterson 

Man Of The Year

Van Hunt 

Mean Sleep

Van Hunt featuring Nikka Costa 

New Country 1

Derek Menzies 

Next Time (Just Wright Remix)

Common ft Queen Latifa 


Free & Easy 

Out Of The Sky

Van Hunt 

Play My Cards For Me

John Forte 

The More I See You

Common and Queen Latifah 

The Way That I Feel

Vikter Duplaix 


Van Hunt 

Umi Says

Mos Def 


Thousand Foot Krutch 


JB Rye 

Weekend Jumpoff

Kevin Michael 

Yow Zah

Kurt Harpel