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Fly Away lyrics - Free & Easy

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Fly Away Song Lyrics

[Rap]Now usually i don't really rave 'bout jewelry it's foolery
But something 'bout the way you look on my arm
And all on my neck like you're my charm
So,so fresh when we step out midnight
Up in the spot be chillin' sit tight
Now when i'm gone you could be gone with me
But if you don't go damn right, you miss me
I wanna fly,fly,fly through the moonlit skies
Into the searching on some the shores of another land
And I want you by my side
I'm asking don't know why
But i can't tell by your smile you're the traveling kind of man
I saw, saw you there
I saw you're there and i knew run away
You would, you would be
You'd be the man who would take me away
I wanna feel the same the vein beneath my own morphine
Don't wanna feel it wait of me
Don't want assume the seas of greys
I wanna climb the moutains of the Swiss
Something that tense and push that jar let's pass my lips
Now you potent to sweet my gain
Your lips won't quit
They keep me rockin' in kiss after kiss
Your smile, so wild
So sweet and coy its just like a child
[Rap]We can keep going, JFK to wherever
We can fly to any type of weather
But from what i see, you better be here with me than overseas
That's cool, I ain't really out no christian's high school
I'm talking about you like the way the booth fit over your jeans
Came to mama credit help the clean
That goes a long way where we come from
Plus you got class and you ain't no dumb-dumb
Yeah I please on the road a lot
And i got a couple friends doing shows a lot
But that don't mean that i can't focus
Especially if i think you the dopest
Maybe one day we can see what happens
Let's keep it classic
[Thanks to Jessica for lyrics]