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Joy Soundtrack CD. Joy Soundtrack

Joy lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

October, 31st 2016

Joy album description:

Jennifer Lawrence performs here one song, Something Stupid, and some other actors, who act here along with her also sing, but not all. For example, Edgar Ramirez sang a couple – Mama Told Me Not to Come and Aguas de Marzo. Along with them, this movie possesses such great personalities as Robert De Niro & Isabella Rossellini. But what is even more interesting – Bradley Cooper is also here, who has starred with her in the movie named Serena. Whether they are simply a good duo or whether they are very accustomed to each other, engender in the hearts of each other something more than just cooperation or friendship? We can’t say yet, but time will reveal – is it just filming or something more…
It seems that Jennifer Lawrence shoots in half of nowadays’ films. She has been spotted, in addition to the franchise that made her famous (Hunger Games), in X-Men (where she played Mystique), and now goes to the drama, where depicts strong personalities. She is no stranger to playing strong women – exactly the same she did in Hunger Games, where she led a team of people to change the world, so everyone would free from their cells. Here she depicts the same personality – in spite of the environment, which told her in the very childhood that she would have simple boring life as a housewife, she proves herself and to everyone, that she worth more & can achieve much bigger. In contrast to public opinion, when even her parents did not believe that she would be able to build a business, she succeeded better than lots of men.
We must note how much Isabella Rossellini has aged. Though she is now much younger than 80+, as she talked about herself in the “Death Becomes Her” & even younger than being artificially aged in the “Immortal Beloved”. But she passed the point when she was the subject of men’s dreams.
Reference: "Joy" on IMDb, Official Website

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