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Jersey Shore Massacre Album Cover

“Jersey Shore Massacre” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Jersey Shore Massacre” Track List with Lyrics

In this collection of compositions, you will not find anything except dance compositions. A total of 18, the common duration of 66:42 (though here on the site are 17 songs presented, but it does not change much the essence). For an hour, you can enjoy a variety of dance compositions. Let the small difference of genres, but the fact that they may also make you happy. Or to upset because a few compositions in the collection was a flat-out and unprofessional. For example, artist LBI made a composition that was a bad one. In contrast to him, collection contains a melody named High Maintenance (She Want That), which is just really great. Here, incidentally, rap is mixed to that dance that is already there. Other compositions are not so mixed by genres and just of dance one.
Beethoven's Fist. Why the music is named like this and what is a fist about – is unclear. But this composition holds a lot of the style and drive, so we praise it. Cicada, by contrast, made a hideous melody named Aftermath, which you can listen to a few seconds in order to switch to something better.
The plot of the film is the same giddy, like the rest of the collection. Most of the action takes place under the dance sounds. And the story is that some kind of quite crazy serial killer start to shred all to the right and to the left for some his reason. He was killing the heroes of this movie – a selection of handsome men and beautiful women, whose main advantage is their bodies and faces. No brains or emotions. It seems like they have only the basic feelings – the fear, the hunger and the desire to mate. Nothing else. Classic stupid slasher, where the girls running around in the woods at night in a bikini and get killed colorfully. And young people with bare torsos becoming not so handsome under the knife. Watch if you have nothing to do with your evening.

February, 03rd 2017


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