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I, Tonya Soundtrack CD. I, Tonya Soundtrack

I, Tonya lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

December, 12th 2017

I, Tonya album description:

It’s good to see Margot Robbie playing not a freaking wacko. Well, at least, she is trying to be nice. Sometimes. Rather from time to time. Rather, she tells she is not a freaking wacko. And we want to believe it. At least, the music in this film is strong if she is still so… hard and controversial. And wacko.
For now, 4 days after its theatrical release, the film only gained 0.2 million dollars. Is it a next box office blob? We wouldn’t be so sure as we have to wait for at least another week or so to receive the updated data from the theater’s cash desks. The motion picture reveals strong notes in both performance of an actress (lovely and buzzing Margot Robbie), the fun and not shallow submission of the narration intertwined and interdependent from the bursting character of the main character (and her demonic mother who made her a star).
The full-fledged story must have the same meaty support on the music side and it does – entirely nice rock songs (the most prominent performers here are Cliff Richard, Dire Straits, and Fleetwood Mac). Barracuda song is probably the best description of a character of the main hero (its lyrics in abundance depict carnivorous fish and mammals). ‘Devil Woman’ is definitely about her mother. ‘Free Your Mind’ is about the way she behaves on the skating rink. ‘Shooting Star’s lyrics is about the start of her career’s fading (especially true is the part saying that people will only love you when you are bright as the shooting star but as soon you’re out of the firmament, people will forget about you).
In general, you must watch this film if you adore strong personalities, Australian actress and producer Margot Robbie (including her always-appetizing body and insane faces she makes too) and gloomy-mood films (especially sporty ones).
Reference: Learn more about 'I, Tonya', the darkly comedic tale of American figure skater, Tonya Harding: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

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