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Into the Storm Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Into the Storm album description:

Brian Tyler wrote instrumental music for this tense and entertaining motion picture. His hallmark is working with the big orchestras. And he is also a lover of the violin and percussion instruments. Here, for example, the vast majority of the collection is instrumental melodies that are full of frightening and sublime sounding. For example, as Fate or Titus Versus The Tornado. We also meet artists like Kid Rock here. For example, such melody as Trojans is indie rock, which pleased with voice similar to the singer named Gotye.
The most eminent actor among all the staff here is Sarah Wayne Callies, known to us for the first season of the mega-popular The Walking Dead. Serial movie, won a bunch of awards and terribly respected by lovers of zombie themes. But the film is interesting yet to those who began watching spin-off of one, called "Fear The Walking Dead", as there we have much slimmer Alycia Debnam-Carey, acted in this film, is among main actors of crew of new serial movie. She was prettier with extra kilos.
This film has paid off more than 3 times – having the production budget of USD 50 mil, it has collected 161 mil. Typically, these films do not have a sequel, prequel or spinoffs. Because their whole story is based on a one-time event. On the other hand, characters can get in similar limits in the course of their later life. For example, Taken 1, 2 and 3 are built on such a hellish bad luck of protagonist when during his life, the daughter or the wife kidnapped, causing him to arrange blood bath in a bunch of cities of the world. What we are going to say – we would love seeing a continuation of the film, if such existed.
Steven Quale, who made this film, turns out, a lot of time has been working with James Cameron. He even handed in the creation of such huge monsters like Titanic and Avatar!

February, 09th 2017


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