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I, Frankenstein Soundtrack CD. I, Frankenstein Soundtrack

4.2/5 (28 votes)

I, Frankenstein lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2013

A Higher Purpose (with Lisa Gerrard)


All I See Is Darkness


Bring Me Frankenstein's Monster


Chasing Halek


Destroy Him


He Led Us Here Pt 1


He Led Us Here Pt 2


It's Alive!


I’m A Monster


Love & Hate


Main Title (with Lisa Gerrard)


Meaningless Existence


Naberious Wants It Alive


No Choice


Prince Naberious


Ride Of The Gargoyles (with Lisa Gerrard)






Sons of Our Fathers


The Journal


The Vault


This Body Is Mine


Visions of a Madman


Where Does Life Begin?


You Cannot Destroy Me


You Shouldn’t Have Done That