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“Home” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2015

“Home” Track List with Lyrics

Great and sweet animated cartoon in where top roles have voices of Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory) and Rihanna , who performs several songs too in this soundtrack consisting of 8 + 8 compositions (for example, Dancing In The Dark). Besides it, there are a couple more big-name performers, such as Jennifer Lopez . Even Jim sang one song during the plot.
Cute family cartoon contains a story about the misadventures of the weird and soul-opened creature from another planet who is, like Sheldon Cooper, a nerd and inventor who has something working, but more often – not working. Full of jokes, good humor and a laid-back storyline, which gives a good mood, as well as the soundtrack to this movie.
Very easy selection with a light mood bringing joy to the heart. For example, Cannonball lifts the listener up and then lefts him or her to float up in the sky, waiting for the next good song. Note that here you will not find bad or hastily performed compositions – each one like a pearl, every note flows in a stream of others, such beautiful and verified, pouring into the river of powerful sound, especially when you hear the voice of Rihanna, which emphasizes the music modulations with own beauty. Piano-played Real As You And Me is a proof of what we just said. It is possible to be listened within hours, days, weeks – its beauty does not fades from it, but added, revealing, like herb tea of roses that disclosed into a beautiful flower when making the tea.
Definitely worth paying your attention to this collection for several reasons:
• it is funny and very positive;
• it is of very high quality, that rarely occurs in animated films;
• it includes a lot of really good young performers.

Must hear!

December, 24th 2016


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