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December, 25th 2016
Dancing In The Dark by Rihanna. Nice composition with fascinating voice of Rihanna. Style of electro pop, the main background is not music, but a voice of the performer. She's a great professional in her field and is able to sing so that the voice was always the first, while many of not so experienced artists make the mistake of assuming that the music should completely envelop a voice. Hit of the summer of 2015, the song is sure to improve the karma of Rihanna. Reference: Learn more about "Dancing in the Dark" by Rihanna song on Wikipedia

Dancing In The Dark lyrics - Rihanna

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Dancing In The Dark Song Lyrics

I wanna dance in the dark and never stop
We gonna light up the night like shooting stars
Whenever you hear the sound, don't be alarmed
Boom, boom, boom
Dancing in the dark