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High Strung Soundtrack CD. High Strung Soundtrack

High Strung lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

A True Love

Sweet Chili & Heather Youmans 


Cameron Tyler & Willy Beaman 

Crank That Sound

Ian Mohr, Kelly Easter & Christina Schmid 

DJ Fav

Nia Sioux 

Do U Feel Like Movin'


El Tango De Los Celos

Nathan Lanier 

Fiddle Me Ghillies

Nathan Lanier 

Girl Love Peace

Alina Artts 


Ian Mohr & Hope Stroupe 


Sofi Tyler 


Ian Mohr & Shari Short 



Say Something

Keith Cullen 

Shut It Down


Torn (Redux)

Nathan Lanier 


Mikaela Coco 


Chris Burkich 

October, 20th 2016

High Strung album description:

It is about love. But not just any love. It is about love to what you are doing. A passion to dance. A fervency to make music. A desire to win the contest of your life. But foremost, it is about two supportive persons. But even before that – it is made ​​for adolescents, who want to be motivated. Who fears for reaching something and who programmed for losing just because he or she is afraid. This piece is one of that cohort that narrates you – do not be afraid to try. Even when you fall, if you are diligent and hard-working enough, you will reach the top of success. Everyone wants to have their own 15 minutes of glory. And this motion picture proves that it is possible. All you need is love, support and desire to win. This is all about. It contains it all.
The soundtrack to this movie has the same fervent songs as the paragraph above – bright and passionate. Do U Feel Like Movin' makes you catch high. DJ Fav does the buzz. Alina Artts, though not so fervent nor talented as the main heroine of the film, but her Girl Love Peace is good enough to start to be acquainted with the musical collection. Chris Burkich doesn’t differ with interesting lyrics and seems like the public around him is not so fascinated with what he is doing, but you should listen to Monotony to understand the real sincere feelings. And to catch up with their lyrics – they are truly bright and fashionable.
How to love and passionately follow what you expect to reach? This movie will give you the idea of it. If you are young in body or in the soul – films like this will give you extra push to follow your dream. As the dream without the implementation is only a rusty project, we should tell. Please, fly high in your desires and implement your dreams come true – and the world will be a little bit better place.
Reference: Visit "High Strung" IMDb profile, watch Official Trailer

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