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Hell or High Water  Album Cover

Hell or High Water Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

Hell or High Water Tracklist

Blood, Sweat and Murder

Scott H. Biram Lyrics


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Comancheria II

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Dollar Bill Blues

Townes Van Zandt Lyrics

Dust of the Chase

Ray Wylie Hubbard Lyrics

From My Cold Dead Hands

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Lord of the Plains

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Mama's Room

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Mountain Lion Mean

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Outlaw State of Mind

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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Lyrics

Sleeping on the Blacktop

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Texas Midlands

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You Ask Me To

Waylon Jennings Lyrics

Hell or High Water album description:

Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine are two major stars here. The first one is Oscar winner and the second may win it, thanks to this movie, in the upcoming year. It is often done so, when it firstly opened in Cannes and then, several months later, is premiered on big screen. It already was well met by critics, with average score 8 out of 10, which indicates very favorable opinion about it. Well, we still have the time to learn more about this movie, as it is going to be premiered in the US only in mid of August 2016.
It is about two brothers, who decide to rob banks to earn some money to repay the huge bank debt that their mom had, which might lead her to bankruptcy.
‘Momma Told Me Not To Come’ is one of the trailer songs, despite the fact that it is not officially presented in the soundtrack here. What we have presented is Dollar Bill Blues by bluesman Townes Van Zandt. Pretty heartbreaking lyrics it contains and shouldn’t be listened too often, as otherwise you may lose the desire to live.
Ray Wylie Hubbard’s Dust of the Chase is low-mood blues country music. 5 minutes of pure blue spirits. It is pretty depressing. Would you expect that other songs were better in their mood? Probably, only You Ask Me To stands out, as it has cheering lyrics and music tempo.
Over a dozen songs of the collection say that it is not that sophisticated in terms of music production, rather all the focus was made on plot. The songs present here perfectly underline the overall gloomy atmosphere of hopelessness and despair that pushed normal people to commit crimes. They were normal ordinary two guys, living in the small town, trying to earn for living with decent jobs. But when big banks took everything from them, they’ve decided to restore justice and nothing more. Will they succeed? We surely hope so.

October, 14th 2016


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