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Heathers The Musical Album Cover

Heathers The Musical

Soundtrack lyrics for Musical • 2014

Heathers The Musical Tracklist

Heathers The Musical album description:

Musical began in 2010 and will be continued at least until 2016. It is based on the film with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater (the second was very popular about 20 years ago, before becoming kick up a row and cracked the shootings), which brought only USD 1 million against USD 3 million spent on production. But he became a cult hit in the United States and formed the basis for youth’ mainstreams, thanks to which even now ideas for new productions and films are drawn. The idea is as old as the world – the confrontation of the most popular girl in school with some individuals who are marginalized. And is defeated by them, giving hope that the new Heather will never be. Of course, we know that this is an oversimplification, and life is more versatile. But the school with its endless social stratification and grouping will not go away. Only may be modified, depending on the people coming and going, but the same tough spot where everything is tied to popularity, will remain.
This musical reopens the minds of many young people. It is, in fact, designed for them. Adults who had almost forgotten what a school is can also have an interest in this musical, considering that things happening in it are greatly exaggerated. But in fact they are understated somewhere so not to shock that much.
All music is of one genre. It's the musical! The music is cute. But only few compositions worth noting as really catchy: Shine a Light & Kindergarten Boyfriend. They are full of emotions and filling with beautiful voice. Well, perhaps, Dead Girl Walking too, as often part of the subject. Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy wrote all the music.

February, 10th 2017


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