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November, 22nd 2015
The genre is musical. A very provocative title, but it leads to the issue of interactions and relationships, when it comes about gays. This singer has his view on the issue, which also has a right to exist, although some people wouldn’t like it. It all depends on which camp you belong. Apart from the meaning, a song has many strong voice of man with good music.

My Dead Gay Son lyrics

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My Dead Gay Son Song Lyrics

You wait just a minute, Paul! It is ignorant, hateful talk like yours that makes this world a place our boys could not live in!
They were not dirty!
They were not wrong!
They were not lonely verses
in the Lord's great song!
Our boys were pansies, Bill!
Yes! My boy's a homosexual,
and that don't scare me none --
I want the world to know...
I love my dead gay son!
I've been thinking. Praying. Reading some magazines. And it's time we opened our eyes.
Well, the good Lord made
the universe
The Lord created man.
And I believe it's all a part of his
gigantic plan.
I know God has a reason
for each mountain and each flower,
and why he chose to let our boys
get busy in the shower!
They were not dirty --
They were not fruits!
They were just two stray laces
in the Lord's big boots.
Well, I never cared for homos much
until I reared me one,
but now I've learned to love...
I love my dead gay son!
He loves his son,
he loves his son!
His dead gay son!
Now, I say my boy's in heaven
and he's tanning by the pool.
The cherubim walk him and him,
and Jesus says it's cool!!
They don't have crime or hatred,
there's no bigotry or cursin' --
Just friendly fellows dressed up
like their fav'rite village person!
They were not dirty --
They just had flair!
They were two bright red ribbons
in the Lord's long hair.
Well, I used to see a homo
and go reachin' for my gun,
but now I've learned to love...
And furthermore! --
(to Kurt's dad)
These boys were brave as hell!
These boys, they knew damn well!
Those folks would judge 'em,
they were desperate to be free!
They took a rebel stance,
stripped to their underpants!
Paul, I can't believe that you
still refuse to get a clue,
after all that we been through --
I'm talking you and me!
In the summer of '83.
(Congregation gasps)
That.... was one hell of a fishing trip.
(A long beat. Kurt's dad approaches Ram's dad and kisses him, hard. They embrace.)
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
They were not dirty - Whoa!
And not perverse -- No no!
They were two stray rhinestones
on the Lord's big purse!
Our jobs are now continuing
that work that they begun!
'Cause now we love, love, love!
We love your dead --
They're up there disco dancing
to the thump of angel wings!
They grab a mate and roller skate
while Judy Garland sings!
They live a playful afterlife that's
fancy-free and reckless!
They swing upon the pearly gates --
And wear a pearly necklace!
They were not dirty!
They were good men!
And now they're happy bear cubs
in the Lord's big den!
Go forth and love each other now,
like our boys would have done.
We'll teach the world to love...
I love my dead gay son!
My son! My son!
Not half bad, your dead gay son!
Wish I had your dead gay son!
Thank you, dad, for your...
Dead gay son!