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Greenberg Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2010

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Greenberg album description:

One of unsuccessful movies starring Ben Stiller, called a box office bomb, but it would be more wise to call it box office flop. It earned only USD 6 million against 25 million budget.
Jennifer Jason Leigh in one of those, who made this movie. She was a writer, producer, and was amongst the cast. You may know her as very unpretty lady in the latest movie by Quentin Tarantino – the Hateful Eight of 2015. Not surprisingly, she was here the same uncomely.
James Murphy is the maker of the most part of songs in the soundtrack – around a dozen songs are his brainchildren. And there is a reason why we mentioned this not very famous fellow first – as there is no other fancy names here, except of Duran Duran. But the latter ones have only one song, while Mr. James have ten times more. Looks like he took this mountain by volume, not by outstanding quality. For example, his Please Don't Follow Me is mostly piano-based and the rhythm is not very exciting, the same as lyrics. It is something in the middle of blues and Brit pop. His another song Thumbs is not a song at all, it has no sing-through lyrics as he speaks in the Stand Up genre through all the time of it – almost 10 minutes. His other thing named Photographs is also a piano-started song that lasts long and depressing through the time. Maybe such songs have established too down mood of the entire film and the beholders did not desire to watch it too much, leaving only a few million dollars in the cinemas because of the soundtrack? We would say ‘Yes’, as literally every song is dejecting. Judge for yourself: would you want to watch a movie about a guy who doesn’t work, doesn’t do anything basically and doesn’t have a serious relations in his 40+? With the main protagonist depicted by Ben Stiller? Neither the viewers did.

August, 30th 2016

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