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Photographs lyrics - James Murphy

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Photographs Song Lyrics

Memories fade and stories can change
But it’s real if seen in photographs
See the way you smile
It’s been a long, long while
Since the way you seemed in these photographs
Everywhere I go I sit and eat alone
And think of your smile
Haven’t seen it in a while
Like the day when we took those photographs
We all cause some pain
So don’t be ashamed of yourself now
I’ll be alright it’s such a long life
And I still have most of our photographs
And I’m the one who most
All these ways you’ve come from harm
And the places you patronized me
Right from the start – it’s life
A phone at night to check I’m alright
But it’s clear all I need are these photographs
Every night at home
I fumble through these picture books
And smile at both the happy looks
We have on our faces in these photographs
[Thanks to sapph for lyrics]