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Godzilla is translated from Japanese as "big lizard". What's interesting – lizards, fighting against the man, were even the subject of the Old Testament, living side-by-side with different exploits that were made by heroes destroying them. Each new retelling and every new film increased the scale of the battle. And the size of this lizard. Starting from the image, where a Serpent is speared by a hero (lizard there was about a half of horse), a lacertian is now grown to the size of two or even three Empire State Buildings. This is due to the nuclear tests and the influence of radionuclides in the biological organism, according to the film. At that time, this sea heinousness gets from own ocean’s bottom to kink.
But it’s not so simple – this time Godzilla is useful to people! Yes, it destroys something, but it got out of own cozy burrow at the bottom of the Atlantic in order to eliminate some muddy creatures, which represent the main danger to people. And they haven’t got out somewhere in northern Yakutia, but straight close to the New York city, to hurt once again the already suffered Statue of Liberty. Which strives to be destroyed in every single disaster movie.
Music support in this motion picture is entirely instrumental. Composer of all is Alexandre Desplat. Entering the Nest, Airport Attack, The Power Plant – the most formidable here, as for us.
The film managed to attract the attention of the general public, which had extremely positive impact on its huge box office – more than USD 0.5 billion – it is not a joke anymore. Previous American lizard, in 1998, has brought also not a few – $379 M. You would not believe how many movies filmed about Godzilla – as many as 37! However, if we consider the three scheduled for release until 2020 in the future.

February, 16th 2017


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