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Get a Job Soundtrack CD. Get a Job Soundtrack

Get a Job lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016


No Ego 

Before You Go

Eric Hachikian 

Come With Me If You Want To Live

Nick Sena & Danny Echevarria 


Philip Galantry & Scott Shryack 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Tommy Reeves 

Haunted House On Acid

Davey Rockit 

Heat It Up

Kid Simple 

I Just Wanna Dance

Space Capone 

I'm Doing Fine

Jonathan Sadoff 

Likely Story

Great White Buffalo 

Man Up

Young Brother 

She's Hot And She Knows It

The Skeptics 


Landon Williams 

Workin' Man's Blues

Aceyalone & Bionik 

Worth It

Howard Pfeifer 

October, 22nd 2016

Get a Job album description:

Anna Kendrick, who plays the lead female role here, has very little height – 5 feet and 2 inches only, which is about a foot lower than normal growth of modern humans. It is often noticeable in all her movies, because with such a growth, she has disproportionately large head, and she herself is terribly thin. This type of person has own followers. It is obvious that the main character of the film is one of them. He is shorty with similar features. But he still may pretend 22 years-old fellow, whereas she is 30-year-old actress and does not look as 22-year-old anymore.

So, we have a comedy (at least, it becomes clear out of such dialogue:
- You have to pass drug-test.
- Drug-test? Is there multiple choices?).

The comedy is about how difficult to find a job, especially if you do not know much and just recently graduated from college. Besides, you have a girl-shopaholic, who owes almost 100 000 dollars to banks, and on the eve of dismissal she bought fantastically expensive shoes for 2750 dollars. With this money in any country of the 3rd world, like Thailand or Cambodia, a family of three can feed for 16 months! Well – each follows his own and now the heroes are trying to stay afloat somehow by selling their stuff, and keep cheer. Well, almost all the time. Really.

To such easy film attached frankly not heavy lyrics and melodies like Space Capone, who did I Just Wanna Dance or Landon Williams with his Tonight. A lot of songs in the collection that directs our spirits up, no matter in what deep hole we are in at the moment, along with the characters of the film. But there is a place for lyrical things like God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

In general, another bijou (as well as all movies with Anna Kendrick), with which you may kill your time while you are waiting for something really good in cinemas.
Reference: Read user reviews on IMDb, more info on Wikipedia

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