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Free State of Jones Soundtrack CD. Free State of Jones Soundtrack

Free State of Jones lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 17th 2016

Free State of Jones album description:

This film is about a hero, whose very existence is doubtful. Depending on whom you’ll ask about Newton Knight – a captain who fought for civil rights of people of all races – you may hear that he both was a hero and a cheater. And someone (descendants of white confederates) even thing that he was a legend made-up by a Hollywood (‘…we say that based on understanding that Hollywood can produce nothing good’). Ohkay, let’s leave those unbelievers aside of the mills of the history, wishing them oblivion & decline & turn our sight to the film itself.
It is a story about a person, who erected himself over the rules of those times, where people were sent to war just to die so others would become richer. He opposed himself to plantation owners & didn’t recognize any other lord that Lord of Heaven. That’s why he rescued black people from being murdered just for a skin color, he fought for civil rights of many & he eventually died knowing that he did everything to defend the right to speak freely, in the age of 84. He had two wives – white & black – whose descendants now alive & were able to tell the details of his life story. Well, no matter what you think of him, this guy was a hero, if speaking of his deeds as he protected the representatives of Human Kind as much as he could.
Beautiful Dreamer song is the best to describe his deeds, while Soldier's Joy with other Irish folk song – Napoleon Crossing the Rhine – tells the best of the spirit of this person & his supporters. Band ‘Traditional’ took a couple of songs in the soundtrack with inimitable lyrics. But probably you wouldn’t wanna hear George Frederick Root’s lyrics in his Battle Cry of Freedom, as they nothing but loud-and-shout.
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