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Free Birds Soundtrack CD. Free Birds Soundtrack

4.2/5 (25 votes)

Free Birds lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2013

All The Trimmings (Instrumental)


Back In Time

MattyB Raps 

Birds Of A Feather (Instrumental)


Cold Turkey (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


Cranberry Saucer (Instrumental)


Eggs-istential Crisis (Instrumental)


El Solo Pavo (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


Fly Or Get Stuffed (Instrumental)


Fowl Play (Instrumental)


Great Egg-scape


Hold On To Your Giblets (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


Iratus Aves (Instrumental)


Killing Two Birds With One Standish (Instrumental)


Laid To Rest (Instrumental)


Lazy Eye View (Instrumental)


Ocellata Turkeys (Instrumental)


Poultry Pardon (Instrumental)


Roast This! (Instrumental)


School Of Flock (Instrumental)


Secret Military Baster (Instrumental)


Shell Shocked (Instrumental)


Starry Side Up (Instrumental)


The Great Turkey (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


The Right Stuffing (Instrumental)


Tryptophan Traps (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


Turkatory (with Beth Caucci) (Instrumental)


Turkey (Instrumental)


Turknapped (Instrumental)


Up Around The Bend

Social Distortion