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Foxcatcher Soundtrack CD. Foxcatcher Soundtrack

Foxcatcher lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

January, 23rd 2017

Foxcatcher album description:

The film is about how a certain coach trains certain team to make it very adequately show itself at the Olympics in 1988 in Seoul. Here we see a decent game of actor Channing Tatum, this fashionable pretty boy of Hollywood. Which, in contrast to, for example, other fashionable boys, starring in the trilogy named "Twilight", shines on the screen in a variety of roles, and we do not hear anything at all of them. They had different ways to start – Channing rose steadily through the ranks, and they simply grasped their luck on tail entered the running train. Why do we give such a comparison? Why not? All they are handsome, but somehow the fate is more favorable. For example, Tatum stares at every 10th film, which presented here on the site among the novelties.
From the music in this motion picture, there are 14 melodies and 4 of them are instrumental ones. Three of the remaining are executed by true masters. Among them, there are David Bowie and Bob Dylan. They are linked by the fact that both were once wildly popular, and now they waned, leaving only a lot of good music product that they have generated in their careers.
Analysis of the distribution of music genres in this collection shows the following results. Here we have folk Indie pop (St. Stephen), art rock (Fame), folk (This Land Is Your Land), instrumental and classic. Decent selection, which says that the film's musical producers didn’t want to do anything to support a single style or genre. Songs are from different directions. The only thing they really have in common – that they are depressing and suppressing. In general, just to please the fans of soul-searching, the analysts of own past life. Especially for those who live with the ghosts of the past, sad and selflessly picking their feelings and don’t want to evolve or to move forward.


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