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Focus Soundtrack CD. Focus Soundtrack

Focus lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 25th 2016

Focus album description:

This film is about a genius criminals, as always a man and a woman, who spend time together, sharing different information, opinions, etc., until they find quite a big deal. And they begin to play a double game. Which is concluded in that you need to fool each other so that the other would realize it only after a long time.
There are many beautiful people on the screen, the first of which is Will Smith, who plays already loved by us role of a teacher, just like in the movie "Hitch: rules of pickup". And, as usually happens in such cases, the student is trying to surpass his teacher.
Music for the film is not chosen at random. Despite the fact that the trailer of the film uses a lot of jazz compositions, which, of course, are in this collection, its character is quite diverse – here we meet pop, jazz, funk (I'm A Manchild), reggae, country ( Let Me Go Home, Whiskey ), blues, dance ( Kernkraft 400) and much more tasty songs. Most of the songs in the collection are composed of jazz + pop. But the rest is not just so, but to complement the overall picture, making it a complete and diversified in the same time. A pair of tracks, for example, a group Them, could easily be thrown out of the collection and it would only benefit from it. But such as, for example, The Rolling Stones , are a royal decoration here.
Overall, the collection creates a relaxed mood, especially thanks to two trance songs, which are contained in the end of it. There is not a single really active composition, and this only is a significant advantage when it comes to creating a melancholic mood.
In general, these 30+ compositions create a relaxed mood, just to spend your evening in the mild and entertained way.
Reference: "Focus" movie: IMDb, Wikipedia

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