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Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2021

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Encanto album description:

The vibrant melding of Latin American rhythms and compelling storytelling in the "Encanto" soundtrack stands as a momentous accomplishment in Disney musical repertoire. Lin-Man Miranda's skillful compositions life into the magical realm of the Madrigal family, marrying diverse musical genres to enhance each character's distinctive capabilities and individual challenges. The assorted mix of the soundtrack, ranging from the vallenato-driven "The Family Madrigal," the reggaeton tempo in "Surface Pressure" and the touching ballad "Dos Oruguitas," manifest Miranda's capacity to construct intricate emotive narratives through his music​​​​​.

"Dos Oruguitas," serving as the emotional cornerstone of the soundtrack, embodies Miranda's homage to Colombian folk rhythms, crafted entirely in the Spanish language for authenticity. This song, alongside others like the guajira-based "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and the Latin rock number "What Else Can I Do?," symbolizes the varied musical canvas of Colombia, spanning from vallenato, cumbia, and much more. The soundtrack not only hails Colombian culture but also explores universal aspects of family, duty, and the journey to self-realization, evoking responses within global audiences.​

Germaine Franco, the maiden woman and Latina to compose a score for a Disney animation film, augmented traditional Colombian instruments and styles to the movie's score thus ensuring authenticity of the soundtrack. Her musical endeavors, combined with Miranda's, vivify the magical realism associated with Colombia, granting listeners an auditory expedition through the country's abundant musical heritage​.

The "Encanto" soundtrack has garnered a special position within popular social networks like TikTok. For instance, songs like "Surface Pressure" has gone viral, resonating with audiences due to its relatable lyrics and enthralling harmonies. This digital validation has accentuated the influence of the soundtrack, demonstrating the universal allure and emotional profundity of Miranda's creations​.

The "Encanto" soundtrack is, in fact, a lively medley of sonorities and stories, applauding Colombian customs and demonstrating the strength of music to encapsulate deep-seated emotions. Through its varied music styles and robust narrative substance, the soundtrack draws listeners into the mystical confines of the Madrigals, leaving an enduring impact with its novel strategy in narrative building and cultural interpretation.

February, 04th 2024

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