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Empire Records Soundtrack CD. Empire Records Soundtrack

Empire Records lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1995

July, 13th 2016

Empire Records album description:

303 thousand dollars in the box office? No wonder you have never heard of it! Despite the tremendously small earnings, this motion picture turns us back to those times when you could listen to your favorite music for hours, without buying it, in the music store. Where people actually hanged out huge companies, discussing about the latest music arrivals in the store. It is a prototype to chat in Facebook, while everyone now is sitting in their cozy chairs wearing velvety nighties and listening to every piece of music they desire online!
From this movie, you recall very young and slim Renée Zellweger, before she was popular, wearing no pants and shaking her sleeky buttocks, listening to ‘Money (That's What I Want)’ and Here It Comes Again, which lyrics totally reveal the inner essence of her character.
In this movie, you can infinitely watch to young Liv Tyler, also before such huge blockbusters like ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Armageddon’ have made her popular. She was listening to The Cranberries and Dire Straits, which lyrics also reveal the deep mentality and outward charisma of young but already wise person, whom she was 21 years ago.
So what is remarkable about this movie? Nothing. If only you aren’t a lover of great music, which is plenty in its soundtrack: rock, pop, hip hop, and even such unforgettable hits like ‘A Girl Like You’. Many of items from here have become the hallmarks of carefree living, as the main heroes lead. All their problems revolve around adolescents’ stuff: heart feelings like love or what they take for love: affection, crush, copulation desire… It is hard to distinguish between those in this age. The same hard as to differentiate between glam rock and rockabilly, which pieces are here also. Wanna feel yourself young? This is it, for your watching.

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