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Edge of Tomorrow Album Cover

Edge of Tomorrow

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Tracklist

Edge of Tomorrow album description:

Very interesting and exciting fantastic action movie in which everything was organically mixed and intertwined. Time loops, alien invaders arriving on the Earth, several heroes, mystery, thriller, love and special effects.
No one is surprised by the fact that even in the most brutal blood bath there will still be a beautiful woman, in love to whom the protagonist falls. Well, maybe not "love" it is in this film. Such a relationship is difficult to classify. Rather he admires her and helps her to succeed in destroying the invaders’ race. The film has a very interesting story that has been very well thought-out. It is awesome also as the main actors having desire to wear a heavy suits of exoskeleton (which has become incredibly popular idea after a series of films “Alien”, where Bill Paxton played – one of a trio of leading actors of this movie). It's nice that science fiction has found its rightful place among the top of the giant production in Hollywood. It is a pity that one of the first adaptations of a similar theme about the invasion of aliens, named Battlefield Earth, received a huge box office’s failure and criticism. But Avatar compensated the lack of confidence to the topic of these relations. In general, science fiction presented as a genre with thousands movies and millions of books pages and it is the most favorite direction of advanced audience, along with Fantasy.
The collection of all the music is completely instrumental. Christophe Beck, the composer, has made more than 20 compositions that are terrifying, frightening and even somewhere like phantasmagoria. Caged In or Deadweight, or Winning The War – they all are worthy works of this creator, who did a perfect job!
Emily Blunt, actress, reminded us of James Blunt, whose works are adored by many.

February, 12th 2017


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