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Drive Soundtrack CD. Drive Soundtrack

Drive lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2011

November, 04th 2017

Drive album description:

This is a crime drama of 2011 with Ryan Gosling starring and Carey Mulligan as a co-star (she looks very similar to Katie Holmes, an ex-wife of Tom Cruise and whose biggest career break-through as of today was in The Great Gatsby with Leo DiCaprio).
This particular movie won 1 award at the 64th Cannes FF, and was nominated for several other remarkable awards, like British Academy Film Awards. Lots of critics included it in top-10 lists of the best drama action movies of 2011, and it grossed USD 78 million vs. its production cost of 15 M. Ryan Gosling was co-starring with pretty fat already Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys in 2016, which uses mostly the same plot twists and methods as Drive movie, but cannot make the interest held through the entire movie. Drive does, as it contains not only bad vs. good guys, shooting & protecting oneself from dying, but also responsibility for the family, driving as a mad pro person in fancy cars & much better elaborated storyline with vividly comprehensible motivation of the protagonists. That’s why Crowe’s + Gosling’s duo earned only 7 million ahead of the budget, being a silent flop.
The most part of the songs in its collection are without lyrics, as they’re instrumental. Among those can be distinguished He Had a Good Time by Cliff Martinez, as extremely tranquil thing, opposed to the essence of the film, lasting over minute & a half. His Kick Your Teeth is also emanating calmness, but differs from the mentioned previously, as it has the development and is becoming more paced in 1 minute or so. Cliff Martinez is the main music-maker in this soundtrack, and he does a little except of no-lyrics songs.
A A Real Hero really should be a title song about Ryan Gosling’s hero – the same bald and self-confident thing. You should add this tracks list to your fav.
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