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Devil's Knot Album Cover

Devil's Knot Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Devil's Knot Tracklist

Devil's Knot album description:

Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon – both of these great actors got Oscars throughout their careers. In many ways, the films in which they participate get good box offices and recognition of both critics and ordinary viewers, thanks to acting skills of these actors. Now it is two of them in one movie and we can expect from this duo only the most commendable things: a great plot and intrigue to the end and a detective investigation that leads the viewer to an unexpected finale.
In the course of the plot, three teenage boys were killed in the forests. Satanists suspected in this and the police already seized them. The lawyer and the investigator, acted by Colin Firth, doubt that they have done it and conducts his own investigation, the purpose of which is not only proof of their innocence in particular, but the restoration of justice in general.
Mother of one of the murdered boys, played by, you guessed it right, Reese Witherspoon, initially is in full and unwavering desire that found scums have to suffer the full penalty. But in her not stupid head reasonable doubts arise thanks to the investigator that eventually put her on the diametrically opposite point of view.
The plot, however, is not as linear as you might think at first. Its twists are very interesting till the very unexpected ending.
Musical accompaniment was extremely little – only five songs. The death metal genre by Slayer band is among these songs, namely, two. This genre is rarely used for the soundtrack. Eva Cassidy showed her song Wade In The Water as qualitative blues, similar to the Devil Got My Woman, but only in the direction, not by the essence. Because these two are completely different. So unlike, as it is eventually can be in frames of a single genre. That's All Right showed a quality rock.

February, 10th 2017


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