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Descendants 2  Soundtrack CD. Descendants 2  Soundtrack

Descendants 2 lyrics

Soundtrack for TV, 2017

October, 09th 2017

Descendants 2 album description:

In the heart of lyrics of the soundtrack here are voices of main characters of the musical film Descendants 2: Mal, Evie, Ben, Carlos, Jay, Uma, and Dude (the last one is a dog, though). Four of the named are the main heroes and some rest of them are supporting characters. Each song is not titled with anybody, as they are all done by at least two singers of the cast.
The songs all have a different mood. For instance, ‘Kiss the Girl’ is about love and a fear of kissing a girl, which you like, while ‘Better Together’ is about a command spirit and togetherness that can overcome the obstacles. ‘Evil’ tells a little how to be an evil person and ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ tells about some days from the life of one of the main characters – a witch, who has helped lots of people from all around, in their life goals. Some of them received what they have desired, and some others paid with their lives for their desires (and their fulfillment).
As practically in all Disney’s pieces of oeuvres, lyrics here are strictly sharpened for the primary audiences. The target is younglings of 4-14 years and Disney is reaching their souls by this movie. Every picture is great, full of shine and in-through decorations, the colors are bright, and the singing is vivid. The main character that starts the entire mess in the movie (Mal, dark pink-haired girl) already looks like an adult model, with an eager look, and bewitched appearance. She is really evil outwardly and it is not clearly understood why she was selected to be the main good girl if she looks like a villain. The African American girl here could cope with this part much better, as for us.
Reference: Learn more about 'Descendants 2', the Disney Channel Original Movie: Internet Movie Database, Wikipedia

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