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Demolition Soundtrack CD. Demolition Soundtrack

Demolition lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 21st 2016

Demolition album description:

Very interesting way of seeing things. The opinion that due to loss of a close person you can be sad is very precarious. Melancholy is only one of the methods that our society can offer you. But you may choose completely different one. As the hero of this film. He has chosen the complete physical destruction of everything that reminded him of his past. Beginning from the microwave, ending with his house. That is why this film named so. In doing so, he is helped by a kid – the son of his new friend, who is depicted by Naomi Watts. Box office of this film is more than modest at the date of writing this review (just over USD 1 million), but in the wide running only a couple days have passed, so anything is possible.
The main character has decided to act irrationally – he does not sell things and the house in which a sad past lives, but destroys them, decomposing them on details, parting them on spares or even breaks with a hammer. A film about grief and about its overcoming, worthy of festivals (in fact, it was quickly shoot for the festival in Toronto, many months before its official premiere).
Musical accompaniment is the same unexpected, like the film. Here we may find rock (Mr. Big) and Indie (a song by My Morning Jacket or The Chocolate Watchband). Unexpectedly we can even hear the classics of French showbiz Charles Aznavour, who performed uplifting La Bohème, which is a heritage of Mankind. It has longing, hope, and love, as this film does. On the other hand, To Be Alone With You is a piece with pretty depressing lyrics.
Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays main hero, became famous from film Brokeback Mountain, in which he starred with prematurely departed from us Heath Ledger. Most likely, this film will not repeat the success of the mentioned, but lyrics of its songs are inspiring and soothing.
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