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Deliver Us From Evil  Album Cover

Deliver Us From Evil Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Deliver Us From Evil Tracklist

Deliver Us From Evil album description:

Name of the movie unfolded from "Devil" in the trailer of the film. Horror, the plot of which is terribly interesting. A police officer, who begin to investigate one incomprehensible human behavior in a short time become embroiled in the whirlpool of events when the whole cavalcade of people is possessed by evil. Such films are periodically filmed to maintain public interest to the pulsating theme of exorcism and possession by the devil.
The plot of the film, being not straight, surprises and scares and is a horror, both psychological and visual one, and even actively uses the tricks of zombie movies. When such a mixture is there, then at some times it becomes very, very scary, just till the soreness of the mouth on the teeth. The filmmakers concentrated colors even more, claiming that the film is based on real events that have taken place, and even the police files were examined with an intention to re-create the whole situation.
In music, we find children's melody Pop Goes The Weasel that has already become a classic of horrors, which in certain moments at the screen horribly accelerates the blood.
As many as three songs borrowed from a band The Doors, one of which is an imperishable hit (Riders On The Storm). One of the singers – Spanish Gold – sings a melody of pop genre in such a style that it is irresistibly reminiscent of another, the genre of dance, BeatFreakz's "Somebody's Watching Me".
No genre has complete domination. Here pop, rock, classic and country music woven organically. Guess, the first two still hold the vast majority, but here only the sound of The Doors is a professional one. All others are either amateurs or garage sounds.

February, 01st 2017


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