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Cowgirl's Story  Soundtrack CD. Cowgirl's Story  Soundtrack

Cowgirl's Story lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

April, 24th 2017

Cowgirl's Story album description:

Very simple film. The exclusively unsophisticated film, indeed: there is a new girl in the city and in a school, and she is pretty. Good looking, we mean. And her mom is in the army troops, so she raises some money to help her mother and the army. She comes to the idea – she will make an equestrian local team and will build around her equestrian talent something like a local club on interests. She receives an approval from the school’s principal pretty easily and, with her super-charming face of 15-years-old-girl, she overcomes all obstacles on her way, which are not obstacles indeed, just organizational issues that seem too aggravated in her age.
Doing that, she meets others – a boy (several, actually) and makes some new good friends amongst local girls. No wonder everyone was cast in a way to fit her height and body parameters. Just like her new acquaintances – girls, having the similar makeup (though, somewhat gothic and a bit aggressive, as it stresses up eyes too much – in a case with her new best friend).
You won’t meet neither familiar names among actors nor their faces. Even the ‘old dude’ that supposes to be the very-knowing-everything guy, is really unknown – who the hell is he?
Among the songs, there are a few present in the public access. ‘Be of Good Faith’ is the first, by Sisterbrother. Listen, seriously – a girl from this duo should start her own independent singing career! She has a marvelous voice and sings lyrics absolutely fascinating. The guy only drags her down.
The second one is a girlish pop ‘Closer Than Before’ by Maggie McClure. She is something incomprehensible. Lyrics are charming and inspiring, though. ‘When I Get That Pony Rode’ should also be mentioned because it is about life, only said in the other way, but still inculcating.

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