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Conjuring 2 Soundtrack CD. Conjuring 2 Soundtrack

Conjuring 2 lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 17th 2016

Conjuring 2 album description:

It is a supernatural investigation film. The little girl is possessed by poltergeist & then with the people, who are involved in the exile of demons, happen all sorts of terrible events. This is a classic horror. This movie is interesting in that it has several directions mixed. Mental horror, involving invisible poltergeists. The exorcism from a young woman. And physical horror, when the spirits begin to engage in physical abuse, as if some sort of maniacs.

Do you remember a charming girl, in which was madly in love the protagonist of the film Bedazzled? Her name is Frances O'Connor, and here she plays the mother of a girl possessed by an evil spirit. Franka Potente (‘Run Lola Run’ movie made ​​a huge breakthrough for her) and Vera Farmiga (‘Special Correspondents’ – is one of her latest movies) also play in this film. Who would have thought that these three would gather in a very atypical for them genre, and would even play in a single movie! By the way, do you know that pains in the belly of young females, when they were starting to have they first periods, considered as possession by demons in the medieval centuries?

In the soundtrack, there are only old songs of 1970-1980 (e.g., The Hollies & David Soul). A bright guiding star of the collection is the rock and pop – these two directions are represented, for instance, by Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley) or Don't Worry Tracy. For example, such a phenomenal even now singer as Elvis, do not need to have an outstanding lyrics to attract the attention to songs. While ‘Bored Teenagers’, on the other hand, cannot do without a bright & juicy lyrics, because otherwise their product simply would not be listened – because aggressive rock without a good verbal content is like Dust In The Wind – swept, scattered & gone.


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