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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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How far would you go for the one you love? This is a question & a nice one; otherwise, it would not have been placed as the main line (motto) of this already running blockbuster thriller movie. Here is the thing: there are two lovers, one of which (a girl) is experiencing some severe health troubles after a seemingly innocent prank in the show. The other one (a boy) is trying to save her and he has to gather somewhere around 20 thousand dollars for the operation (pure nothingness considering the current level of prices in the medicine of the US). For that, he goes to the risky adventure trying to f**k one of the most influential criminal fellows (who is depicted by Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is 79, by the way). The guy, for whom he is trying to steal, is depicted by Sir Ben Kingsley, who is oneself 73 (close to Hopkins’ age) but he has a look of a small criminal fellow and so he plays one here. Throughout the route of the film, the boy has to run, dodge, jump, run & risk his life every second to save oneself and get money to his girl.
As for the soundtrack, musical producers have decided not to go the walked paths and didn’t leave a space for lyrical melodies (even in moments when the main heroes are in great amorousness). So no wonder with that approach that all songs are of the dance genre and have little lyrics or they abound but shallow. Meet Bae by Grace Mitchell, Freaks by Timmy Trumpet & Savage and Higher by Sigma amongst those. As for the rest, they aren’t too lyrical at all – approximately the half is purely dancing, with no words. ‘Elektron’, ‘Moon Eye’, ‘Nr. 22’, and ‘180db’ are ones. It is a pity that the bigger song of the collection – Collide by Rebel – which was written especially to be the main topic – isn’t available yet on the Internet because we would definitely love to hear what it’s like.

March, 13th 2017


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