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Case for Christ  Album Cover

Case for Christ Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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Case for Christ album description:

Do you know what was the problem of Aizek Azimov, the great writer, philosopher, supporter of the science? That he always tried to disprove the Christianity. That is why he remained basically unknown to the wide masses of the people of the world. This is despite the fact that he was one of the greatest people ever wandered the Earth. He invented the word ‘robot’, a notion of ‘three laws of robots technique’, wrote a book ‘Bicentennial Man’ (about a robot who became a human eventually in the legal and the physical senses) that was screened with late Robin Williams as the main hero. And he wrote many other things that were screened and generally left the huge trace in writing and the scientific popularization. But why he is unknown to the general public? Because he disproved the Christianity. And the supporters of this fake religion did not forgive him, as they forsake lots of other prominent people who dare to disprove and disobey them. He is dead now for many years and there are a few admirers only that remember him. Including us.
So why did we talk about Aizek Azimov at the first place? Because he largely succeeded in what the main hero of this pro-Christian movie could not. It is about a guy that wanted to disprove the Christianity but eventually turned to its followers. Disgraceful degradation, as for us.
This is all supported by pro-Christian songs of the pop + rock gospel: ‘Believe’, ‘I Believe’, ‘I Believe You Are Christ ’ (do you see how different the names of songs of the followers of this fake faith are?). The names of performers are also meaningless: Spring Worship, Soulfire Revolution, Heriam (‘Here I Am’ – the indication of God’s presence). The lyrics are all the same: I believe in Him, as he is a kewl fella. Here believers don’t have anything diversified in the lyrics at all.

April, 08th 2017


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