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Most of all we were impressed by the variety of existing creatures: there were tiny insects and huge winged organisms img 0

Zoo Mystery

The popularity of the Harry Potter franchise surpasses all real borders, and this applies both to the original short stories in a series of books, and to the proceedings, such as stories about the adventures of one of the professors of the school of magic in film ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them’. Not had time to get out from the first part of the rental, Eddie Redmayne as the writer announced the launch of the second part – continuation of the story. We can observe a luxurious trailer for this film at the international festival of comics, which is going to blow up the imagination of viewers in cinemas…

Main cast

The main mystery of the second film is whether Eddie is going to participate in the filming. At the moment, we cannot tell what studio forecasts this, because there is no evidence even of the future premiere. However, the new film will narrate the life story of one of the renowned professors of the magic world, who was the author of one of the books by which the young wizard studied. The plot revolves around the main mystery: how writers will show vivid images of mystical creatures? According to legend, they are very dangerous and very rare species of animals that miraculously fall into the world of people. Now they need to be caught and immediately neutralized, otherwise our world will face tremendous danger. Stars of the first magnitude also participated as helpers. Colin Farrell may be called as the most recognizable. Colin for a long time did not appear on the big screen, but, according to the actor, this is a real opportunity to touch the enchanting world of childhood.

The one-two opinion

In connection with the recent premiere of the continuation of the franchise, many fans began to relate negatively to what else the continuation of this story may reveal us. However, this variant has given fans the most: we do not mind to hear the story of an isolated magic universe of the other characters, but the story of the Boy Who Lived, all believe, is more than exhausted. Joan said the same: she agreed with the fans of the opinion that Harry’s time has already passed, and she can now focus on other characters. This is not surprising, because the best thing Madame Rowling can do is coming up with great stories that have the same enthusiasm and be listened to adults and children. Though, she told she would write another 2 books about Harry’s son, Albus. Everyone watched Trailer with bated breath: these stunning animals, which the studio created as a result of hard work and computer graphics, are clearly to be role models for all workers of similar industries.