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Again, the new season of children's and family films cannot but rejoice: cinemas are full of kids with curious eyes and big smiles img 0

The main mystery of childhood

What did your mom and dad answer on your “where do babies come from?” question? Perhaps, all parents are afraid of this issue, but an inquisitive child's mind has already some thoughts. Here is popular one: children are delivered by… storks! This is what about will be a new cartoon from the creators of the cult children and not only children's programs like the Muppets and many others. What the secret bears a secret service delivery of storks and whether it's not truth or we all were brought by this majestic white birds and physiology is nothing to be blamed for? For us, you will believe in this story yourself, so vividly and realistically it is made.

Great tragedy

Imagine that the world really have such a truth: the children come down from heaven, from where they are spread by winged postmen. But what would happen if one day delivery service will fail, many people will cease to please their families with new members? Hard to imagine, but it would be a total disaster. And a solution for the biggest disaster may be, of course, the youngest child, who by chance would be right where he or she sought to… Main advantage of this cartoon is its stunning graphics: adorable baby faces and tiny puppet handles, beautiful birdies and a variety of different characters are the real stairway to heavenly success, which was made by experienced writers and animators. This film is recommended for family viewing, especially with children who become interested in the pressing issues of the real world. What parents can say them? Only show this cartoon or wait till they understand everything by themselves without embarrassing explanations.

A new version

This cartoon has to enter into a series of similar ones with deep sense and great potential, because it is tipped for a really big success. The components of this success: pleasant characters, involved in the cartoon animals, as well as a big problem to be solved, and which successfully addressed to the main characters. It starts with the action of a very common pattern: a boy asks parents for a younger brother. This cartoon will openly promote family values and is aimed at families to have more children. We clearly see how sadly baby can take own childhood, which has not siblings, and how one person can change this by adding in a pleasant family life cluttered plenty of fun. As the lead actors, but rather, voice actors, can be identified Jennifer Aniston. Perhaps, her name will be in the credits as the most famous and recognizable.