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Buddymoon Soundtrack CD. Buddymoon Soundtrack

Buddymoon lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye)

Radical Face 

Buddymoon Theme

Gabriel Feenberg 

Can't You Tell I'm a Sociopath


Country Gentleman

Vanish Valley 


Gabriel Feenberg 


Radical Face 

Honey Buddies Forever

Flula Borg and J Classic 

Howl of the Winds

Hutch Harris 

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Flula Borg and David Giuntoli 

Lewis and Clark

Gabriel Feenberg 

Little Genius

Hutch Harris 

Little Genius (90's Version)

Kit Pongetti 

Party Pooper (Instrumental)

Flula Borg and Dan Farber 

The Night Watch

Oregon Renaissance Band 

The Wolf

Gabriel Feenberg 

Wretched Mountain

Gabriel Feenberg 

October, 17th 2016

Buddymoon album description:

After just 20 days from the date of writing this overview, the film will be released on the big screens. It is unusual in that the main roles in it played by its writers. Obviously, they have gone the same way as Sylvester Stallone did, who in exchange for a fee for a movie, has played a major role in his Rocky and win the million-dollar jackpot. We don’t know what sort of financial conditions have Flula Borg and David Giuntoli – actors, writers, producers, and God knows who else in this film. It is their benefit without understatement.

It is about two best friends who decide to go hiking for a week. One of them takes a place of the former wife of the first, who has organized this campaign. Two antagonists are here – an intelligent, thoughtful first & fully wild, with very improper English & full of adventurous spirit other. This is the sitcom in a large-scale, in a film, where the forest is just a backdrop of ongoing insanity. However, we suspect that the trailer collected a bigger part of best moments, just like Angry Birds in Movie (which, frankly, was very disappointing – all the funny moments were without exception contained in the trailer).

Among the melodies in this collection, which already appear on YouTube, Radical Face shine with their tranquil melodies, where intertwined several auxiliary lines to a single genre of pop, which they represent. This group clearly shows how awesomely interesting can be songs without outstanding lyrics. It is difficult to say which of their two songs – Glory or All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye) – is better, so we just added them both to favorites. Country Gentleman is from the category of those, which in its title contain the name of the genre, although its lyrics are also pretty awesome. And one of the main characters does one of the songs – Flula Borg and J Classic.
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