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Bright Soundtrack CD. Bright Soundtrack

Bright lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2017

Broken People




Cheer Up

Portugal. The Man 


Camila Cabello 




Ty Dolla $ign 


A$AP Rocky 

Hares on the Mountain


My Nigga

Meek Mill 

Smoke My Dope

Steve Aoki 

This Land Is Your Land

Sam Hunt 

World Gone Mad


November, 24th 2017

Bright album description:

From the beginning, you experience déjà-vu: you’ve already been immersed in exactly this atmosphere in ‘Suicide Squad’, starring Will Smith, the discreet protagonist in both films. Lucy Fry is soooo much similar to Margot Robbie’s character of Harley Quinn in the Squad and, looking through the film, you still have this long-standing impression that never fades. Mr. Smith here depicts all the same character he has been showing us through decades: a tough guy who knows stuff and shoots to kill, always super cool when it comes to talking, fighting, and stunting. It seems like even the most of decorations (especially in the gloomy hoods) were taken from Squad.
The film presents modern and dismal fairytale, which has several races living on Earth together: People, Orcs, Elves, Centaurs, and smaller creatures like Fairies (they are not like Disney’s – they are small, winged, green, with huge mouth like a toad only filled with hundreds of coined sharp teeth and ready to attack you to drink your blood if you dare to possess their territory or what they believe is their territory). Orcs, of course, are visually similar to African Americans. Elves are always fair-skinned and thin, pretty people with blond eyes that seem to be oppressed by all supreme races of this alternative universe. It is a thriller with lots of shooting and a fantasy with ironic Will Smith that glues the entire film together (‘hit the pedal as if you drive a stolen car’ – his hit here).
All trailers always feature ‘Darkside’ song but only its first part, which has a female voice and that is why doesn’t sound like rap like others do with their lyrics: ‘Danger’, ‘Home’ and others. Steve Aoki and A$AP Rocky are the stars of the sound collection and the most stupid lyrics are in ‘My Nigga’ song.
Reference: Read more about 'Bright' is an American urban fantasy crime film on Wikipedia and Internet Movie Database

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