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Boogie Soundtrack CD. Boogie Soundtrack

Boogie lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2021

February, 14th 2024

Boogie album description:

The "Boogie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" is an engaging collection of tracks that encapsulates the spirit of the 2021 film "Boogie." Released by Republic Records on March 5, 2021, this compilation spans 14 tracks, predominantly rooted in hip-hop and pop genres. A highlight of the album is the inclusion of three original songs by the late rapper Pop Smoke, marking a poignant addition to his musical legacy. His presence on the soundtrack is not just auditory; he also stars in the film, making his first and only film appearance before his untimely death in February 2020. The soundtrack features a diverse array of producers, including 808Melo, Rico Beats, and CashMoneyAP, contributing to its rich sonic texture​​.

"Boogie" the movie, directed by Eddie Huang in his directorial debut, provides a canvas for the soundtrack's vivid expressions. The film, distributed by Focus Features in the United States, explores the life of Alfred "Boogie" Chin, a basketball prodigy from Queens, New York, who navigates the pressures of high school, romance, and his dream of playing in the NBA. This narrative is enriched by the music of Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Pop Smoke, amplifying the emotional depth and cultural backdrop of the story​​.

The album's lead single "AP" by Pop Smoke, sets the tone for the soundtrack, capturing the essence of the film's thematic focus on ambition and identity. The soundtrack not only serves as a testament to Pop Smoke's artistic impact but also as a narrative device that complements the film's exploration of personal and cultural challenges. The array of tracks moves from energetic anthems to introspective melodies, illustrating the multifaceted experiences of Boogie Chin and his journey. Notable tracks include "Fashion" featuring Polo G, "No Cap (Remix)" with M24, and "Big Drip" by Fivio Foreign, each adding a unique layer to the soundtrack's dynamic range​​.

"Boogie" stands out for its authentic depiction of an Asian American protagonist's struggle between familial expectations and personal aspirations, set against the backdrop of New York's vibrant culture. The film and its music together offer a compelling look at the intersections of race, family, and ambition, resonating with audiences and critics alike for its heartfelt portrayal and cultural commentary. The soundtrack, thus, is not just a collection of songs but a crucial element of the film's storytelling, enhancing the emotional resonance and thematic depth of Eddie Huang's narrative vision​​.

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